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Field Notes from F&J: Behind the Scenes with Blaine Adamson

October 17, 2017

By Ellie Visser

Visiting clients to hear their story for Faith and Justice Magazine is truly a life-changing experience for our team. When we pull out our pen and paper or unpack our camera, we’re capturing someone’s journey of courage, sacrifice, and faith.

While it’s nearly impossible to convey the emotions and joys that come with walking alongside our clients, I hope that some of this behind-the-scenes content will allow you to experience it with us, especially as you pray for our clients and follow their stories.

For the upcoming issue of F&J, we had the privilege of spending time with Blaine Adamson, managing owner of Hands On Originals, a promotional printing company in Lexington, Kentucky.

Even though he and his family have endured a lengthy legal battle after he declined to print a t-shirt order because its message conflicted with his beliefs, their strength and passion for the Gospel overshadowed everything else and cast a glow of hope on our team that day.

“It starts out as a professional relationship, but eventually becomes more of a friendship, and you understand each other’s burdens.” – Jim Campbell


Starting the day with the team at Cracker Barrel. Nothing like some good, down-home cooking, an eclectic gift shop, and some initial design doodles on a napkin to get the creative juices flowing!


Bruce sketches out ideas for the F&J magazine cover.

We arrive at Hands on Originals for the grand tour. Stepping into a client like Blaine’s world is an eye-opening experience, because it allows us to really get to know him as his passions and character shine through his work. We discovered a couple “firsts” right off the bat.


Bruce takes the first shot of the day. Nothing like that morning light!

Looking at that shirt, and the humble shop, it was amazing to think that this man and his business were engaged in a precedent-setting legal battle for conscience rights. 


“I’m a t-shirt guy. I know how to make t-shirts. That’s about as far as it goes. It was great having you guys (ADF) there to guide me.” – Blaine

Blaine shows us how the printing process works. The designer in Bruce was eating it up!



As a writer, Chris pours out what he so deeply perceives in the people and places around him, creating an unfolding story that draws us all in.


 “I’ll work for anyone, but I won’t print just anything.” - Blaine

Blaine has a sticky note of the guiding principles that reflect his heart to honor God in his business.

We headed to Blaine’s house after our tour of the shop. His property was incredible: acres of beautiful rolling hills, ponds, and forest. Sometimes we forget that ADF’s clients are people just like us. They have a home, family, job, and church. They have hobbies, favorite foods, highs and lows. They’re ordinary people who’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity to stand for Christ. Visiting Blaine’s house, we got to see that side of him.


After a bumpy truck ride through his property, we walked out to a fairytale-esque setting for some afternoon photos. I lagged behind, amazed at how God brought us all together as I watched client, designer, attorney, and writer journeying through the field.

“Sometimes in life we have to stand. If we really believe this, if we really are willing to stand, He’s going to be faithful and walk us through that.” - Blaine



“He’s a guy who really grapples with the question, ‘How do I live like Christ everyday?’” That’s what people need to understand in order to know who Blaine is.” – Jim Campbell

We love to serve our clients any way we can, and this trip we got to do something very special. Bruce shot senior pictures for Blaine’s daughter.


I’ll never forget the tender, proud look on Blaine’s face as he watched his wife and daughter. The legacy he is leaving his children through his courage to take a stand is inspiring. When we stand behind our clients, we are standing for so much more than a case. We’re standing with them and their family to glorify God today and tomorrow.

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