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Supreme Court of the United States


 Your Freedoms at Risk

In its first 100 days, the Biden-Harris administration has advanced policies that endanger your constitutional and God-given freedoms. It’s clear that their radical agenda is focused on threatening women’s rights, restricting religious freedom, silencing speech, and embracing a far-reaching gender ideology that disregards biological distinctions between the sexes. If President Biden can do this much damage in his first 100 days, just imagine what his administration is capable of during the next four years!

We know the threats to religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and marriage and family will not stop unless we stand—and that’s exactly what Alliance Defending Freedom is doing. With God’s blessing and your prayers and support, we will continue to hold the Biden administration accountable to the Constitution and stand against attempts to violate your most cherished liberties in courtrooms at every level, across the nation.

Join the movement to stand for freedom today.


Every generation faces a unique moment when it is called on to defend the guarantee of freedom enshrined in our Constitution. This is our moment. This is your moment. Today, you can help protect the American promises of life and liberty.

If you believe these American promises are worth defending, sign your name below.

  • I stand for America’s founding principles: that all men are created equal with inalienable, God-given rights.
  • I stand against any unlawful effort by the Biden-Harris administration to restrict my constitutional liberties.
  • I stand for freedom and will join Alliance Defending Freedom to preserve religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and marriage and family.

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