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Will You Fight For Your Freedoms?

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Your fundamental freedoms are under attack.

As you heard on the radio, more and more Americans just like you are finding that their freedoms are being eroded. Students are told that they cannot hand out the U.S. Constitution on their college campuses. Business owners are risking their livelihoods for simply living out their faith. And many others are forced to promote messages that conflict with their deeply held beliefs.

But there’s hope! Alliance Defending Freedom was founded in 1994 to protect you and fight for your most fundamental freedoms. Through the generosity of Ministry Friends, Alliance Defending Freedom has become a major force in the legal battle for free speech and religious freedom, prevailing in hundreds of cases in state and local courts, and playing an important role in 60 victories at the U.S. Supreme Court.


Alliance Defending Freedom provides free legal representation for those who are fighting back against freedom’s opponents. Will you help protect freedom by standing alongside Alliance Defending Freedom?


What you can do

We provide our legal services completely free of charge to our clients! Your generous financial support makes it possible for Alliance Defending Freedom and its more than 3,700 Allied Attorneys to protect and defend your freedom, and the freedom of your children and grandchildren by providing the resources necessary to fight pivotal court battles. Please consider making a financial contribution to defend freedom now.

Please consider making a financial contribution to defend freedom now.

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