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Stand for International Religious Freedom

Your gift to defend religious freedom around the world helps protect your brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for their faith.

Churches forced underground. Loss of God-given freedoms. Punishment. Imprisonment. Death.

When you look at what’s happening to your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, it can feel overwhelming. So many in need. So many who are suffering.

Since 2010, ADF International has been on the ground in countries around the world working to put an end to some of the most horrific religious persecution you can imagine and bring help and hope to those who are being punished for living out their faith.

And this work has become increasingly important.

Religious persecution is a growing problem. Christian values—including marriage and family, the sanctity of life, and religious freedom—are under aggressive legal and political assault. Your brothers and sisters abroad are increasingly at risk if they dare to live their lives according to their faith.

  • The teenage girls in Russia who were threatened by law enforcement for handing out Bible verses on the street.
  • The missionaries in Turkey who were classified as a national security threat because of their work doing children’s ministry and outreach.
  • The doctor in Argentina who was sentenced to more than a year in prison for refusing to commit an abortion.
  • The Christian community in Nigeria who were driven from their homes and had their land seized by Muslim attackers because of their faith.

These people—and others like them—desperately need help to defend their religious freedom. But with so many growing threats, ADF International must be able to rely on the Grants and Funding program and call in reinforcements when they need it.

(Your gift can have up to 4x the impact!)


win rate in advocacy matters


Christians freed from Imprisonment in 2019 & 2020


ongoing advocacy matters


Network lawyers in 76 countries

You can help protect your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ

When people like you support the ADF Grants and Funding program, you make it possible to come alongside ADF Network Attorneys in 76 countries who can litigate these important cases to victory. This program provides the funding and strategic support necessary for these attorneys to go toe-to-toe with those trying to deny religious freedom for your international brothers and sisters.

In fact, it was just over ten years ago, that ADF India was launched with help of a modest grant given by generous people like you!

But over the last few years, demand for international grants has increased.

And in the last year, the ADF Grants and Funding program did not have enough funds to meet all of the grant requests that were submitted.

That’s why your help is needed. We must expand the Grants and Funding program to meet the growing international threats to freedom and defend your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ!

In recent years, for every dollar in grants given to ADF Network Attorneys, they’ve donated an average of four times that in their own time and resources. That means every dollar you give toward the Grants and Funding program today can have up to four times the impact!

Multiply the impact of your gift to stand for international religious freedom!

We never want to be in the position where we must turn down a grant request for a case because we don’t have the funds. Or see religious freedom suffer due to the high cost of litigation.

But God willing, your tax-deductible gift today will help empower international ADF Network Attorneys to stand and win for freedom!

Because of you, when these attorneys find desperate people looking for legal help, they can request funds and strategic support from the ADF Grants and Funding program.

So please consider giving the very best gift you can today. With God’s blessing (John 15:5), and your faithful prayers and support, we can stand for international religious freedom—and WIN.

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