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Tech entrepreneur Peter Rex to join advisory council for Viewpoint Diversity Score

Rex founder, CEO joins fellow business leaders in calling for corporations to foster culture of respect for diverse views
When corporations lack viewpoint diversity and weigh in on polarizing issues, they alienate constituencies and encourage self-censorship, crushing freedom.

WASHINGTON – Entrepreneur and business leader Peter Rex is joining the 11-member advisory council for Viewpoint Diversity Score, lending his expertise to the ongoing effort to restore respect for core American freedoms to the nation’s publicly traded corporations.

Rex joins a robust advisory council made up of business leaders, investment strategists, and academics who are calling on companies to respect viewpoint diversity in how they conduct business, manage their workforces, and engage external stakeholders.

“We are honored to welcome Peter Rex onto our advisory council,” said ADF Senior Counsel and Senior Vice President for Corporate Engagement Jeremy Tedesco. “Mr. Rex brings with him a well-earned reputation for courage, integrity, and innovation that will continue to advance our goals of restoring a culture of respect for those with differing views within corporate America. Viewpoint diversity means respecting those with whom we disagree. That makes our democracy possible and provides the necessary conditions for progress in business and society.”

Rex is the founder and CEO of Rex, a tech, investment, and real estate company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Rex currently has 10 technology companies serving owners and operators of real estate, all focused on solving the largest, most lucrative problems in the real estate industry.

Viewpoint Diversity Score is a joint venture of ADF and Inspire Investing, a Christian investing and financial technology firm informing investment decisions on billions of dollars around the globe. Examining 50 companies on the Fortune 1000 list, the Business Index is the first comprehensive benchmark designed to measure corporate respect for religious and ideological diversity in the market, workplace, and public square.

Find out more about Viewpoint Diversity Score and the 2022 Business Index, including the results and methodology, at

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