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FL Gov. DeSantis signs bill to protect women and unborn children

Of Babies and Birth Certificates

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Denise Harle, who served as Florida’s deputy solicitor general from 2015-2017, regarding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signing Thursday of HB 5, a bill that protects the dignity of unborn children, the health of pregnant mothers, and the integrity of the medical profession by limiting abortions after 15 weeks in gestational age:

“Every human life is valuable and worthy of protection. By signing HB 5, Gov. DeSantis has taken a strong stand for the protection of innocent life and true health care for women. This legislation advances Florida’s important interest in protecting the lives of unborn children who already have a beating heart and can move, taste, and feel pain. The bill also promotes women’s physical and emotional health and well-being by recognizing that women deserve real health care, not dangerous procedures that are unnecessary and devastating. We commend Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Legislature for taking this commonsense step toward protecting unborn children and their mothers from the harms of late-term abortion.”

Harle is also a member of Gov. DeSantis’s Faith-Based and Community-Based Advisory Council.

  • Pronunciation guide: Harle (HAR’-lee)

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