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ADF letter prompts MA town to allow church to meet with 10 or fewer people

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The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Ryan Tucker regarding the Dedham Board of Health’s notice issued Thursday, after receiving a letter from ADF, that it has rescinded its cease-and-desist order that prevented Victory Baptist Church from holding services even with 10 or fewer people as permitted under the Massachusetts governor’s COVID-19 executive order:

“The government can certainly concern itself with public health and safety, but it can’t treat church services differently than similar types of gatherings. The governor’s executive order allows that gathering size, so it made no sense for the town of Dedham to demand that this church refrain from meeting with 10 or fewer people. We commend the board of health for agreeing to end its harassment of this church after receiving our letter.”

The following quote may be attributed to Victory Baptist Church Pastor Nick White:

“As a result of the prayers of many and ADF’s assistance to us in this matter, we take great joy in being able to confidently offer in-person worship services to our congregation. Our church will continue to prioritize health and safety for our church and community, not only because the governor’s order requires it, but also because it is the Christlike thing to do. Most importantly, I am looking forward to doing what God has designed the church to do: to preach the cross of Christ and the hope of His resurrection to the hopeless in our community.”


Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.


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