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Fails to uphold safe health standards

Planned Parenthood says that they improve women's health, yet many women have suffered, or even died, after failed abortion procedures at their facilities. Many clinics in their network are cited by health authorities for failing to meet minimal health and safety standards. Planned Parenthood doesn't improve women's health. They put women's health in jeopardy.


"Planned Parenthood Staff members did not wear protective gear or utilize universal blood and body fluid precautions; consent for sedation and procedures were sometimes obtained late as staff was rushed and hurried; registered nurses had to hide the patient's chart from [one abortionist] so the pre-procedure medications could have time to take effect because he was in such a rush to get to the next patient; lab work not being performed correctly thus the lab value results were incorrect; patients given sedation were found outside walking down Market Street dazed and confused."

Former Delaware Planned Parenthood Nurse Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich

See the Proof

How does Planned Parenthood ensure their profit margins?

Abby Johnson shares her experience from working at Planned Parenthood.

Does Planned Parenthood uphold high healthcare standards for women?

A response from Susan Thayer, a former manager of Planned Parenthood's Storm Lake and Lemars (Iowa) clinics.



What We're Doing About It

Alliance Defending Freedom protects women by fighting in court for their right to be fully informed and to ensure that their health comes before Planned Parenthood's bottom line.


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