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Defending Those Who Defend Our Freedom

Military chaplains are called to provide for every service member, regardless of who they are or their faith background. When chaplains are prevented from sharing the full tenets of their faith, the spiritual support, health, and well-being of all service members suffer.


Stories from the Field


A chaplain was approached by a homosexual service member who was seeking counseling. The chaplain agreed to counsel but clarified that his counsel comes from a Biblical perspective. He offered to find someone else who could provide counseling from a different perspective, if the service member preferred. The service member made clear that he was comfortable receiving counseling from this chaplain. They ended the counseling session on good terms. A few weeks later, the chaplain was informed that the service member filed a complaint against him, which reached very high levels of command. For months, a cloud of suspicion hung over this chaplain’s career before the command finally dismissed the complaint.

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