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Religious Freedom

Covenant Weddings v. Cuyahoga County

Lawsuit challenges county law forcing officiant to create vows, pray over same-sex weddings if she celebrates marriage between one man and one woman

Religious Freedom

New Hope Family Services v. Poole

ADF challenges state agency’s ultimatum against Christian adoption provider

Religious Freedom

Schwartz v. City of New York

Victory for Orthodox Jewish counselor who sued to protect his First Amendment freedoms

Religious Freedom

March for Life Education and Defense Fund v. California

US Supreme Court wipes out 9th Circuit decision against HHS conscience protections

Religious Freedom

Chris Herring Photography v. Herring

Virginia wedding photographer, blogger challenges attack on his artistic freedom

Religious Freedom

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

ADF attorneys represent faith-based adoption, foster-care providers in New York, Michigan who support Catholic agency in Philadelphia

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