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Download the free Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory

Protect your parental rights

Download the free Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory today

Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory

Parents have the fundamental right to raise their children according to their own values. These are God-given rights that existed prior to any government. Unfortunately, many governments and school districts across the nation are violating these parental rights by:

  • Teaching Critical Race Theory-based notions that divide students into “oppressed” and “oppressor” groups.
  • Attempting to hide critical health information from parents by creating secret “transition” plans for gender-confused children.
  • Inserting harmful curricula rooted in Comprehensive Sexual Education that promotes abortion, and exposing children to graphic sexual content.

This fundamental violation of parental rights is forcing parents to push back. In Albemarle County, VA, a CRT-inspired policy included treating students differently, based solely on race. In Wisconsin, one school said they would use biologically incorrect pronouns for a student at school, even against the express request of the parents. The parents were forced to withdraw their daughter from the school to protect her mental health and preserve their parental role.

Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to protecting your rights, and we’ve created a free, accessible guide with practical steps you can take to engage effectively with school board and policymakers.

Download Parents Toolkit on Critical Theory free today and join ADF in defending parental rights.