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Lily and David Stockton

Lily and David Stockton

Lily and David Stockton called their bakery “Just Cookies” for a reason – they really only make cookies. Imagine the couple’s surprise when they received an order for cupcakes. They were even more shocked that after turning it down, they are now under investigation by the city of Indianapolis, and in danger of being evicted from their shop in the City Market.

Although Just Cookies is located near several other cupcake shops, Heather Brown chose to place an order with them for rainbow cupcakes for “National Coming Out Day” at Indiana University. When David and Lily said that they were not equipped to make cupcakes, and added that as a family business with two young daughters, they didn’t feel comfortable making desserts for a group that endorses homosexual behavior, the homosexual group filed a complaint against them with the city for discrimination.

"The city's position is, it's the city's market, it's a public place,"
the mayor’s spokesman said. "There is no litmus test for buying services or products at the City Market."

But Lily Stockton explained that anyone is welcome to come to the store and buy cookies. “I don’t ask people about their sexual orientation,” she told the
Indianapolis Star.

Running their business according to their morals is “unacceptable,” according to Stevi Stoesz, a member of the board of directors for the City Market. "As a public marketplace, we find it unacceptable, and this is very much an equal accommodations establishment,"
she told

As far as conscience cases go, this one takes the cake. And the cookies.

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