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Thank you for committing to pray for Lorie!

Lorie’s U.S. Supreme Court case could yield a landmark ruling in favor of free speech and help put a stop to the government targeting religious views. Thank you so much for signing up to pray.

Did you know that Alliance Defending Freedom defends people of faith like Lorie in legal cases nationwide? In fact, we’re defending Lorie before the Supreme Court. Her case will be heard next term.

As our team of attorneys prepares to argue on her behalf, now is the time to help support her legal defense. Will you?

We don’t charge clients like Lorie a dime for our legal services—even when the case goes all the way to the Supreme Court! But that’s only possible because generous friends provide every dollar needed to fund their legal defense.

Sadly, as Lorie’s case shows, the need for that defense—and your support—is only growing.

In a typical year, ADF receives around 3,000 requests for legal assistance. But in 2020, that number jumped to more than 5,200. And in 2021, it skyrocketed to more than 10,000!

Government officials around the country continue to weaponize the law to crush freedom and enforce their own ideological agendas. That’s why your help is urgently needed now.

Will you take the next step and make a gift today to defend Lorie and other people of faith who are being threatened and punished by the government?

If you believe that America must remain a nation that protects free speech, please stand with us today by helping fund this work.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. You’re protecting our most cherished freedoms for generations to come!