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303 Creative

303 Creative v. Elenis

Court: U.S. Supreme Court

Status: Active

Last Updated: 12/1/2021



A Colorado law forces web designer Lorie Smith and her studio, 303 Creative, to design and publish websites promoting messages that violate her religious beliefs. The law at issue also prevents Lorie from even explaining on her own company’s website what websites she can create consistent with her religious beliefs. 

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled that Colorado can force Lorie to express messages and celebrate events that violate her faith. But no one should be banished from the marketplace simply for living and working consistently with their religious beliefs. That's why ADF appealed this decision to the U.S. Supreme Court on Lorie's behalf. 

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Kristen K. Waggoner

General Counsel

Kristen K. Waggoner serves as General Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. Her role includes oversight of the U.S. legal division, a team of 100 attorneys and staff who engage in litigation, public advocacy, and legislative support.

Kate Anderson

Senior Counsel, Director of Center for Parental Rights

Kate Anderson serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is the director of the Center for Parental Rights.

Jonathan Scruggs

Senior Counsel, Director of the Center for Conscience Initiatives

Jonathan Scruggs serves as senior counsel and director of the Center for Conscience Initiatives with Alliance Defending Freedom.

John Bursch

Senior Counsel, Vice President of Appellate Advocacy

John Bursch, Vice President of Appellate Advocacy with Alliance Defending Freedom. He has argued 12 U.S. Supreme Court and over 30 State Supreme Court cases.

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