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WANTED: The Next Generation of Leaders to Impact the World

WANTED: The Next Generation of Leaders to Impact the World

October 17, 2017

By: Katie Heller


Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to transforming law and culture so true freedom can flourish. We understand not only the importance of winning legal battles but also the critical role of training young men and women interested in the areas or law, government, business, and public policy to transform culture and make way for religious freedom now and for generations to come. That is why ADF created the Areté Academy.


Areté Academy is a one-week training program for college students and recent graduates (called Delegates) pursuing careers in law, government, business, and public policy. The training integrates professional development with Christian leadership, focusing equally on the spiritual, intellectual, and relational development of each Delegate. Knowing that we cannot do anything apart from Christ, each day begins with worship, reflection, and devotionals, and culminates in fellowship and robust discussion.

Throughout the week, Delegates will study under ADF staff and some of the most renowned Christian scholars and experts in their fields. Areté’s rigorous comprehensive curriculum covers philosophy, biblical worldview, and constitutional jurisprudence combined with application to pressing cultural issues like bioethics and marriage. The Areté Acadamy also offers Delegates practical application sessions on creating a professional roadmap, discerning graduate school credentials, and networking with top ADF faculty.

Many Areté Delegates have gone on to attend law school and graduate school at some of the top universities, received Fulbright Scholarships, and become Rhodes Scholars. Additionally, alumni obtain access to the broader ADF network and specialized professional training tracks for further development.

In addition to the exceptional training, ADF covers the cost of airfare, lodging, educational materials, and most meals for each Areté Delegate.

There’s not another program out there like this. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a few past Delegates have said about their experience:

  • “Areté Academy has played a key role in my life this past year. I was inspired and learned so much in regards to living my life with my faith and career intertwined. Along with the great friends and incredible network, I think the most meaningful thing I took away from Areté was the clear evidence in each speaker, and leader, to live faithful to God regardless of the calling.” — Arizona State University
  • This week changed my understanding of the meaning and purpose of work.” – Princeton University
  • This week has truly changed my life. It filled me with so much hope for not only my future, but the future of America in general. I feel confident that this Academy has given me the proper footing to embark on a career, and do it with courage and the confidence that I am walking with God!” – Catholic University of America
  • “I have been to many conferences and training programs that cater to college students. Many of these have been excellent and insightful, but Alliance Defending Freedom is the first organization that I believe fully understands what exactly is occurring on college campuses and in our culture and has a plan to help us succeed in our own movement to promote life, religious liberty, and marriage. In Areté Academy, ADF has created the perfect combination of academic discussion to help us form our arguments and practical career advice to help us determine where God is calling us and how we can use our talents to show his glory. My fellow students will remain close friends, and I will remain in touch with many of the speakers and ADF staff. I am incredibly grateful to this program for the advice it has given me as I prepare to begin my life after college.” — Harvard University
  • “The Areté Academy rekindled my passion for redemptive, intellectual vocational work and connected me with some of the most brilliant scholars and high-caliber peers I’ve ever met. It feels like we’ve entered an alliance – it’s a good feeling.” — The King’s College

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