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What Is a Generational Win?

ADF is focused on achieving five Generational Wins—transforming law and culture for generations to come.
Alliance Defending Freedom
A family with children, parents, and grandparents is seen walking up a hill for a picnic

What is a Generational Win? A Generational Win achieves a significant victory that changes the law and culture of our nation for a generation. It is sustained by deliberate acts so that the victory endures for generations to come.

As an example, 35 years ago, homeschooling was thought by officials in many states to be illegal. Today, homeschooling is recognized as legal in all 50 states, and our society believes that homeschooling is a valid—even attractive—educational option for families. That is a Generational Win.

ADF’s five Generational Wins demonstrate how we are committed to transforming law and culture so true freedom can flourish. They are instrumental to fulfilling our ultimate mission: to keep the doors open for the Gospel—not just for you, but for your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come.

Life is safeguarded

Every human being is made in the image of God. Every life, from the moment of conception to death, is precious. Every life has a purpose. And every life is worth defending.

ADF, along with millions of pro-life Americans, works to ensure that equality begins in the womb and that life is protected as a human right. The government should ensure everyone has the opportunity to live out their God-given purpose, whether it’s the unborn baby, the pregnant mother, the child in foster care, or the elderly hospice patient.

Abortion must become unthinkable, adoption and foster agencies must be allowed to keep their doors open, and physician-assisted suicide laws must be repealed.

Religious freedom prevails

Religious freedom is our first liberty and the bedrock on which all our other liberties rest. Religious freedom is for everyone, securing the right to practice any faith or no faith at all.

Upholding religious freedom benefits all Americans. It is the cornerstone of societies that promote free speech, tolerance, human dignity, and human flourishing.

Religious freedom ensures that every person has the right to explore life’s deepest questions and to live out one’s religious convictions in the public square, just as in the home or a place of worship. No government, no workplace, no school, no individual should threaten or harass someone for publicly expressing or living out his or her most cherished beliefs.

All can speak freely

A marketplace of diverse ideas is essential to a free society. Protecting the fundamental right of free speech ensures that all have the liberty to engage in civil discourse and pursue truth without fear of government punishment or retaliation.

ADF seeks to cultivate a society defined by respect and tolerance for different views, the free exchange of ideas, and robust debate. Free speech is a right belonging to everyone—from the student on the college campus to the artist wanting to express messages in accordance with his or her conscience. Government censorship, compelled speech, “hate speech” laws, free speech zones, and cancel culture all undermine free speech and should be opposed.

Marriage and family are protected

Marriage and family are the foundation for all of human civilization. When the law fosters strong marriages and strong families, our society can be healthy, stable, and free.

ADF advocates for laws that reflect God’s created order: that biological differences between men and women matter, that marriage was instituted by God as between a man and a woman, and that children are a blessing best cared for by a mother and a father. Efforts to silence, intimidate, cancel, or unjustly treat those who hold such views undermine the well-being of children and the principles of our Constitution.

Parental rights are guaranteed

Parents play an irreplaceable role in the lives of their children. Our parents take care of us before we can take care of ourselves, preparing us to enter society and live as upstanding citizens.

Parents know their children best and are best positioned to protect their children’s health and welfare. That’s why ADF fights for and defends laws that protect the fundamental rights of parents to choose how to raise their children. This includes giving parents control over educational and medical decisions about their children—without the threat of punishment for simple disagreement with state-sanctioned ideologies. When parents are empowered, their children are given the greatest opportunity to be the best that they can be. Parents’ rights are children’s rights.

These Generational Wins drive what we do here at ADF. And we will continue to advocate for these important principles in the courtroom and the culture, securing freedom for generations to come.