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VIDEO: Female Athletes Explain How a Biden Executive Order Threatens Women’s Sports

By Sarah Kramer posted on:
January 26, 2021

Last week, President Joe Biden wasted no time in pushing policies that threaten to gut legal protections for women and girls.

Unfortunately, we’ve already gotten a glimpse of what this means. The past few years, we’ve watched as female athletes have increasingly lost out on championship titles and opportunities to advance to the next level of competition. All because of policies like those President Biden is pushing.

Take Connecticut for example, where a state athletic association policy permits male athletes who identify as females to compete on girls’ athletic teams. Under this policy, two male athletes in the state won 15 championship titles and over 85 chances to advance to higher levels of competition that belonged to deserving girls.

Alliance Defending Freedom has stepped in and filed a lawsuit on behalf of several of these female athletes.

But now, that threat could be taken nationwide.

On January 20, President Biden signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to reinterpret federal laws and regulations that prohibit sex discrimination—including Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in schools that receive federal funds—to include “gender identity.”

With this executive order, the Biden administration is declaring that the real, biological differences between men and women don’t matter.

But those female athletes in Connecticut know that isn’t true. And they appeared on Fox News over the weekend to share how policies like these threaten equal educational and athletic opportunities for women and girls.

Ultimately, when our laws ignore the differences between men and women, it is most often women and girls who get hurt.

Selina, Chelsea, and Alanna can attest to that.

Under President Biden’s executive order, situations like theirs would become a nationwide reality. And that should concern us all.

Our country was founded on the principle that we are all created equal. But policies like those laid out in Biden’s executive order do not treat women equally.

A political agenda should never trump the equal opportunities of women and girls. And if it does, you can rest assured that ADF will be there to stand up for their rights—all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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