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The Truth Behind the Benham Case

June 28, 2021

By: Ashlynn Lilly, Communications Assistant 

David and Jason Benham grew up in a Christian household where their father always shared the Gospel with them and taught them valuable lessons along the way. “My dad used to say, boys if we go down, we go down standing up in Jesus name,” said David.

To this day, these two brothers still stand strong in their love of Jesus Christ.

However, their story is a reminder that, as followers of Christ, God still gives us situations where our faith will be tested. And often we will be at odds with the world. But this did not stop David Benham from speaking the truth…even when he ended up behind bars.

Standing Strong for Life

You might recognize the Benham name. David and Jason Benham were launched into the national spotlight when their HGTV series ‘Flip it Forward’ was abruptly cancelled because of their beliefs about marriage.

Now, David Benham is an entrepreneur and the president of Cities4Life, an organization that provides treatment and counseling for women on their way to abortion clinics—supporting them with prayer and guidance. Cities4Life also supports these women with products and services they may need, including housing, transportation, clothes, furniture, bottles, and diapers. David and Cities4Life also work closely with Love Life, a similar ministry that helps with providing counseling, mentoring, education on adoption, foster and orphan care, postabortion counseling, and material resources.

In April 2020, David Benham and the Love Life team were across the street from an abortion clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina to offer counseling and prayer for the mothers and babies who were at risk. Because this was at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, David and the team members were following all the health and safety requirements including social distancing guidelines in the emergency state and local orders. They even carried hand sanitizer with them as they walked and prayed.

Soon the police showed up, claiming the pro-life advocates were not following the rules and telling them to leave. David respectfully refused. As a nonprofit ministry, Cities4Life and Love Life had been deemed “essential” and had every right to be there.

Still, David soon found himself in handcuffs and then behind bars at the police station. Little did he know he would be joined by two unexpected people. Not long after David got there, the doors opened, and in walked David’s father, Flip Benham. About 30 minutes later, David’s son came through the doors as well. Turns out David’s father and son fought for the same reason he did, and because of that they were arrested as well.

ADF has been representing David in court ever since.

Speaking the Truth Boldly

Speaking at an ADF event, David said: “It is one thing to be against abortion, but it is another thing to be pro-life.”

This is exactly what we need to keep in mind when we are standing up for what we believe in. It is one thing to make a statement, but we must remember to always follow through with it. Our actions must back up our words. And when we do take a stand, we must do it with the utmost respect, treating everyone with love and remembering that they are made in the image of God.

David also pointed to the early Church in his speech. Even though the first-century believers didn’t have a formal right to religious freedom, God provided them with courage and boldness against the threats that they faced.

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” – Acts 4:29

We can learn much from their example. And from David’s.

When we are faced with difficulties and challenges, may we ask God for courage and boldness so that we may have faith in His word throughout our daily lives—and so that God can work through and in us.

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