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WATCH: A Homeless Shelter Gave These Women Hope. So Why Is the Government Trying to Shut it Down?

It’s easy for homeless women to feel like outcasts—like they don’t matter and are not loved. This is why the Downtown Hope Center exists.

This Student Group Was Denied Recognition – But It Didn’t Take “No” for an Answer

College administrators cannot arbitrarily determine that one student group is too similar to another group and deny that student group access to funds on that basis.

News You Should Know: Trouble Brewing at the SPLC

Did you see these news stories from the past week?

California Is Not the Only Place Targeting Its Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

The California law that ADF challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court last year is, unfortunately, not an isolated problem. And it seems to be spreading.

This Professor Was Demoted and Later Effectively Fired for Expressing His Views

Instead of encouraging debate and discussion on contentious issues, the University of Louisville has made it clear: Only one viewpoint is welcome.

Washington Church Forced to Fund Abortions: Here’s How You Can Help Defend Them

If a church can’t act according to its beliefs, does anyone have that freedom?

4 ADF Clients on Stage for the Signing of the Executive Order on Free Speech at Universities

President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring public universities to respect the constitutionally protected free speech rights of students.