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Can You Guess What Organization Is Driving the Legal Attack on Harris Funeral Homes?

While the federal government reconsidered its position and reversed course, this organization continues to push for “sex” to be redefined in federal law.

Worship Banned at the Civic Center? Why One New Church Filed a Lawsuit against Its Town

Finding a temporary home proved to be a bit more difficult than one new church bargained for, which led Redeemer Fellowship of Edisto Island to file a lawsuit.

Victory! Christian School Serving Students with Learning Disabilities Won’t Be Forced to Close

The families whose children attend Englewood Christian School in Florida can breathe a sigh of relief. The school will once again open its doors in the fall.

What Tom Rost’s Grandmother Taught Him about Faith and Business

Tom's grandmother was one of the first women in Michigan to become a licensed funeral director. As owner of Harris Funeral Homes, Tom looks to his grandmother’s example.

What The Baltimore Sun Got Wrong in Its Editorial Attacking Bethel Christian Academy

The Baltimore Sun editorial board was quick to jump to the state’s defense. But it needs to take a closer look at the facts.