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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

This ADF Case Hit Close to Home for One of Our Ministry Friends

Every once in a while, an ADF case hits close to home – and reminds you that these cases don’t just affect our clients. Your rights are at stake too.

Do Jack Phillips and Those Who Share His Beliefs on Marriage Belong in Our Society?

Tolerance and respect for good-faith differences of opinion are essential in a pluralistic society like ours.

Fresno State (Ultimately) Gets It Right in Protecting Professor’s Offensive Speech

Exercising one’s free speech is not a fireable offense—nor should it be.

75% of Our Ministry Friends Are Concerned about This – Are You?

Recently, at ADF, we sent out a survey to our Ministry Friends. As it turns out, one of the questions really struck a nerve.

From Attorney to Pastor and Back Again: How God Prepared Me for the Ministry of Legal Advocacy

Little did I know then that God would use my time in pastoral ministry to prepare me for what he has called me to do now – protect the religious freedom of the Church.

The Actual Fake Clinics

The pro-abortion movement has been busy casting pregnancy centers—of all things—as the villain.

What Happens in a State Court Doesn’t Stay in a State Court

Today, Breanna and Joanna of Brush & Nib Studio are taking their case before the Arizona Court of Appeals.