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Poll Shows More Americans Believe Religious Freedom is Worse off than 10 Years Ago

Highlighted by the Supreme Court's ruling in June imposing same-sex marriage on all 50 states, conflict surrounding RFRAs, and dozens of lawsuits concerning the Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate, it is no surprise that a recent survey reveals that 41% of Americans now believe that religious freedom is worse off than it was 10 years ago.

Re-Teaching Schools the Basics of Restroom Privacy

In recent weeks, two school districts have announced similar decisions that will allow students in their schools to use locker rooms and restrooms of the opposite sex. The dangers of these policies – not to mention the potential legal fallout – might seem obvious, but Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys have clarified them anyway, in a letter sent to both district boards asking them to reverse their decisions.

Welcome to Chaos: Kentucky Public Servants on Different Sides of History

Davis is standing on the identical precedent laid down by her Attorney General prior to the Supreme Court’s marriage decision when he too did not execute the duty of his office. Davis, like Conway, realizes that the evolving definition of marriage is a moral issue and has refused to carry out an official duty that conflicts with her conscience. However, this time there is no applause from the mainstream media for Davis, and the message from her Governor is to “do your job” or resign.

Loving the Weakest Among Us: What You Can Do For a Child

Children are the weakest among us. They can be innocently lured into harm’s way. And there is real evil in the world that can befall them. They rarely are able to give voice to the challenges they face. We must be their protectors as best we can. We must try to give them the ideal, whenever possible. In doing so, perhaps we can etch the indelible view of sunlight on even just a few.

“Just Who do We Think We Are?”

"Just who do we think we are?" My first thought was, “We think we’re God.”

Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

These NY farm owners are appealing ruling that ignores their sincerely held beliefs.

Supreme Court Marriage Decision: How Should We Respond?

The Supreme Court’s marriage decision is days away. How should we respond to their ruling?