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Marriage & Family

This Adoption Agency Has Placed 1,000 Children in Loving Homes… But It Faces Closure for Its Beliefs

“I knew that one by one, agencies were being closed down. Eventually there would not be one of us left, unless somebody was willing to take a stand.”

Why Female Athletes in Idaho Are Standing up to the ACLU in Defense of a State Law

ADF is representing two collegiate female athletes who want to fight to make sure Idaho's law protecting women's sports is upheld in court.

10 Years Later: The True Story about California’s Proposition 8

Here’s the true story of the successful “Yes on 8” campaign.

Christmas Comes Early: Victory for Chief Cochran Also Benefits Other City Employees

The ruling of a federal district court today protects not just Chief Cochran, but all employees in Atlanta.

Of Babies and Birth Certificates

The natural family has an objective structure that is based on the truth every child has a biological mother and father.

Create Freely: A New Publication

Create Freely is a resource made specifically for Christian creative professionals. Learn practical steps you can take to protect yourself as a creative professional.

10 Highlights of 2015 at Alliance Defending Freedom

A quick look at ten of the year’s highlights shows that while the battle to defend life, marriage, and religious freedom is far from over, God has indeed blessed ADF's efforts in America—and around the world.