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Supreme Court of the United States

Freedom Matters Podcast: From the US Supreme Court

October 17, 2017

By: Bob Trent

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft, better known as the 27th President of the United States, persuaded Congress in 1932 to build a permanent home for our nation’s highest court. His charge to the architect was to design “a building of dignity and importance suitable for its use as the permanent home of the Supreme Court of the United States.” And that is exactly what happened. The courtroom is massive to signify its status as an equal branch of the US Government, imposing with white marble columns that seem to reach to the sky, and dignified with a broad sweep of steps leading up to the entrance.

It was fascinating to watch the rally unfold on those steps last Wednesday as arguments for Alliance Defending Freedom clients involved in the Zubik v. Burwell took place.  Kerri Kupec and I were outside the court with students from Geneva College and four Christian Universities in Oklahoma, who were on hand to support their school’s objection to the Obamacare abortion pill mandate. We were joined by a large contingent of nuns from the Little Sisters of the Poor who were also party to the case. The atmosphere on the steps was joyful and peaceful.  Throughout the morning, each group would take turns leading the rally. College students led with a unifying cheer followed by hymns and prayers from the nuns.

I was reminded that our side of the movement is the truly inclusive side. While we certainly care for and defend the rights of women, we equally advocate for the rights of the children not yet born. In fact, so often, even as we advocate for Christian clients and win a case, the freedoms outlined in the Constitution are protected or expanded for all Americans, even those with whom we disagree. 

On this week’s episode of Freedom Matters, Matt Bowman, who was inside the court as attorneys argued Zubik v. Burwell, gives insight into the arguments and how the Justices interacted with them. We will also hear from some ADF clients and attorneys detailing their experience at the Supreme Court as they came out of the arguments.   

Listen to the latest episode:




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