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See Your 2021 Impact Report

Thank you for defending freedom!

The number of legal requests we have received has SKYROCKETED. In a typical year, we receive around 3,000 requests for legal assistance, but last year we received over 5,200!

Your gifts are helping transform law and culture by funding cases, training attorneys, and successfully advocating for religious freedom in court. You’re making a difference at every level – from defending freedom in your local court all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Since 1994, Ministry Friends like you have helped:

  • Win nearly 80% of all ADF cases.
  • Achieve 13 U.S. Supreme Court victories since 2011.
  • Play a significant role in more than 64 U.S. Supreme Court victories.
  • Advocate for thousands of legal matters affecting religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family in the United States and around the world.

In a society where opponents of freedom are primed, well-funded, and working to strip away your most cherished liberties, your support gives religious freedom a fighting chance.

If the requests for help that ADF has received are any indication, freedom needs that fighting chance as much as ever.

The amount of work keeps rising. As you read through the rest of your 2021 impact report, we hope you will consider redoubling your stand for freedom today.

2021 SCOTUS Cases

Rarely is the spotlight more intense—or the impact so long-lasting—than in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because of God’s blessings and friends like you, ADF has become one of the most experienced and successful Supreme Court advocates in the nation.

Thanks to your help, we have made a strong defense before the U.S. Supreme Court in two cases just since January: Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski and Thomas More Law Center v. Bonta.

Thanks be to God, the Court ruled in favor of Chike Uzuegbunam, ruling that college officials cannot get a free pass after silencing him twice when he tried to share his faith on campus—and securing our 13th Supreme Court win since 2011.

The Court has yet to issue a decision in the Thomas More Law Center donor privacy case, but we will update you as soon as it does!

Cases to Watch

Every day, we receive legal requests from people who are threatened with punishment for living out their beliefs. Many of these calls come from people of faith. They are small business owners, church members, and students—everyday people like you who simply want to honor God with their life and work.

These people desperately need help to defend their First Amendment freedoms. And because ADF doesn’t charge clients for the legal defense we provide, their fight isn’t possible without you.

Victories for Freedom

You make fighting for freedom—and winning—possible.

We have seen incredibly important wins for religious freedom and free speech in the last year. Just consider that since the COVID-19 pandemic began, you have helped secure 17 wins for churches and ministries around the country that simply wanted to minister in a time of crisis.

Your support is also having an incredible impact on college campuses, where we have achieved numerous crucial victories. And because you and others gave, we saw wins that showed when you stand up to cancel culture, you can win.

Learn about some of the key victories

Through God’s blessing and your support,
we’re building an alliance for freedom

The opposition to the right to freely live out your faith is massive. For freedom to be protected, we must prepare the next generation of Christian leaders to advocate for and defend your most cherished freedoms.

Through God’s blessing (John 15:5) and your generous gifts, Alliance Defending Freedom has built a strong alliance of Christian professionals through several world-class training programs. These programs are designed to equip attorneys, law students, and college students with the training they need to thrive in their chosen fields while making a lasting impact for Christ.

Training Snapshot: The Blackstone Legal Fellowship

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is a highly competitive training and career development program for Christian law students. It prepares them to become future leaders, then welcomes them into a community of like-minded peers and accomplished professionals.

Since 2000, Alliance Defending Freedom has trained more than 2,600 law students from more than 230 law schools in 30 different countries. Through Blackstone, these impressive students see that there is a place for them in the halls of government, at the helm of corporations and prestigious law firms, and in positions of influence in their communities—places where they can make a real difference.

More than 130

Blackstone graduates are in full-time legal advocacy or nonprofit work, defending our most basic freedoms.


more work for federal, state, and local governments, influencing legislation and policy.

And many others

are working in academia and in corporate offices throughout the nation, impacting the culture through those industries.

You came through for your brothers and sisters in Christ
when they felt hope was lost

At some point in their career, almost every attorney encounters a case that moves them deeply. But what happens when the client can’t pay? The hard truth is that litigation costs money. And attorneys often can’t afford to invest the necessary time and expense to represent a client entirely pro bono.

Through your generous support, Alliance Defending Freedom has provided thousands of allies with critical funding for precedent-setting cases to ensure that the defense of religious freedom is well funded.

In recent years, for every $1 ADF Allied Attorneys were given in grants, they’ve donated an average of four times that in their own time and resources. That means every dollar you give toward Grants and Funding can have FOUR TIMES the impact!

Since its launch in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has provided attorneys with more than $53 million through thousands of grant awards that have helped fund cases, amicus efforts, and advocacy-related projects across the United States and around the world.

You helped fuel growth that matters for the future of freedom

In the last year, you’ve helped make it possible for:

  • 1,134 churches and ministries (and counting) to join the ADF Church Alliance and ADF Ministry Alliance, making them better prepared to minister to our changing culture;
  • 156 law students to take part in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship in 2020 and 181 in 2021, preparing them for careers marked by integrity, excellence, and great influence;
  • 87 Christian attorneys to become ADF Allied Attorneys, equipping them to stand boldly for religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, marriage and family, and parental rights in an increasingly hostile legal culture;

Thank you for your commitment to defending freedom for our children, grandchildren, and the generations that will follow them. Your support is truly making a difference!

You are a part of the greater alliance for freedom!

You’re making a powerful impact in defending religious freedom. And you’ve joined an alliance of hundreds of thousands of supporters, as well as thousands of attorneys and numerous organizations—all committed to standing together to defend freedom now and in the future.


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