Thayer v. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys hold Planned Parenthood accountable to the taxpayers. (9/3/2021)

Client Story

Sue Thayer

In 1991, Sue Thayer took a job at her local Iowa Planned Parenthood as an entry-level assistant. (4/19/2020)


$28 Million Planned Parenthood Fraud Suit: Everything You Need To Know

Sue Thayer, a 17-year employee of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Inc., alleges in a qui tam “whistleblower” law suit unsealed in Iowa Federal Court on July 5, 2012, that Planned Parenthood committed Medicaid fraud from 2002-2009 by filing nearly half a million false claims with Medicaid from which Planned Parenthood received and retained nearly $28,000,000. (4/23/2021)


5 Major Scandals Defining Cecile Richards’ Time as President of Planned Parenthood

Here are just five of the major scandals that have surfaced during Cecile Richards’ tenure as President of Planned Parenthood. (7/23/2021)


Snapshots from the Front Lines of the Fight for Life in America

More than four decades into the Roe v. Wade era, the struggle to defend life in the womb shows no sign of abating (9/2/2021)


Former Planned Parenthood Employee Uncovers Fraudulent Business Practices

Over the years, Sue Thayer witnessed increasingly questionable business practices throughout Planned Parenthood. (5/13/2021)


3 Key Cases Impacting Pregnant Women and Unborn Children Across the US

At a time of year when so many pause to wonder anew at the miracle of the Child in the manger, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys continue their tireless efforts to protect the miracle of children still in the womb. (4/29/2021)


Why Sue Thayer Would Testify Against Former Employer Planned Parenthood

Since leaving Planned Parenthood, Sue, who is a mother of six and has fostered over 100 children, has dedicated her life to speaking out against abortion and about Planned Parenthood's disregard for the health and safety of women. ADF has filed a "whistle-blower" lawsuit on her behalf as she continues to speak up about the myriad ways the company’s practices endanger the very women it claims to serve. (9/3/2021)


I Was a Planned Parenthood Director. Now I Celebrate Victories for Life!

These past two weeks made me reflect on my time at Planned Parenthood and how different my life looks now. (5/2/2021)


The Tightening Circle

If not at work, home, or in their personal finances, where exactly is it still okay for Christians to be Christians? (5/4/2021)

Press Release

ADF report: Planned Parenthood’s years-long pattern of ignoring child sexual abuse, enabling predators

This report compiles history of performing abortions on minors raped by adult male predators, failing to report to authorities. (5/12/2021)

Press Release

Planned Parenthood harms heartland women

Alliance Defending Freedom represents former manager of two Iowa clinics in fraud lawsuit against abortion giant (5/20/2021)