Louisiana College v. Burwell

Federal government requires private, Christian liberal arts institution to facilitate access to abortion-inducing drugs for its employees. (5/29/2020)

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ADF, Louisiana College challenge Obama mandate

Federal lawsuit challenges Obama administration’s latest attack on religious freedom (4/19/2020)

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Louisiana College calls administration’s bluff on mandate’s religious freedom violations

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys file brief opposing President Obama’s attempt to dismiss lawsuit (4/19/2020)


Across the U.S., Key Victories for Marriage, Life, and Religious Freedom

In these days, it’s easy to lose sight of the hope that sets those who believe in the ultimate triumph of God’s truth apart from those who bank on the world and its power brokers. That’s why it’s so crucial to look for the wins – the victories, large and small, that remind us our God is working all around us and using us to make a difference for His glory. (4/19/2020)

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La. decision brings ADF victories against abortion-pill mandate to 20 wins, 0 losses

In Pa., Conestoga Wood Specialties receives injunction after US Supreme Court win (4/19/2020)

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Obama’s abortion pill mandate losing 10-4 in court

Heavy activity in Alliance Defending Freedom cases this month, including emergency order filed Friday (4/19/2020)

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Will court provide good news to Bible publisher challenging abortion pill mandate?

Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Tyndale House president available to media following hearing Friday (4/19/2020)

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Bible publisher asks for immediate halt to abortion pill mandate

Court schedules hearing in Tyndale House Publishers case (4/19/2020)

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Obama administration: Bible publisher isn’t religious enough for exemption

Tyndale House Publishers latest to challenge abortion pill mandate (4/19/2020)

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Auto lighting company challenges ObamaCare’s dim view of freedom

Indiana-based company’s suit is latest against abortion pill mandate (4/19/2020)

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Forward? Appeal contradicts Obama’s claims of ‘unwavering’ support for religious freedom

DOJ appeal opposes religious freedom of family business owners (4/19/2020)

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Hercules versus Obama

ADF attorneys file suit against administration’s ‘abortion pill’ mandate on behalf of Denver’s Hercules Industries (4/19/2020)