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Political cover blown for Canadian politicians  

High court refuses to rule on legality of historic marriage laws
Published On: 10/18/2017

OTTAWA—Contrary to some media reports, today’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada did not legalize same-sex “marriage” in that country.  The court simply refused to decide the legality of Canada’s historic marriage laws.

“The latest attempt by some Canadians politicians to hide their efforts to foist same-sex ‘marriage’ on the country has failed,” said Glen Lavy, senior vice president of the Alliance Defense Fund’s Marriage Litigation Center.  “In today’s decision, the Supreme Court of Canada simply refused to be the political scapegoat.”

“The federal government has stated its intention to address the issue of same-sex marriage legislatively regardless of the Court’s opinion on this question,” the court wrote.  The decision is available here.

“This means the Canadian people still have the opportunity to take control of their destiny and demand political accountability on the issue of marriage,” Lavy explained.  “The building block of their civilization is at stake.”

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