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OH House overrides governor's veto of bill that protects kids, women's sports

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The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Matt Sharp, director of the ADF Center for Legislative Advocacy, regarding the Ohio House of Representative’s override Wednesday of Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of H.B. 68, the Saving Ohio Adolescents from Experimentation Act, legislation designed to protect parents and children from the administration of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and identity-driven surgeries for minors. The bill includes the Save Women’s Sports Act, which requires single-sex teams and sports at schools, state institutions of education, and private colleges:

“We commend the Ohio House of Representatives for overriding Gov. Mike DeWine’s misguided veto of the SAFE Act, a bill that rejects the politicized and harmful practice of pushing minors towards irreversible drugs and surgeries in favor of compassionate mental health care that gives them time to grow into comfort with their bodies and true identities. Biology is clear: there are only two sexes—male and female—and denying this basic truth only hurts those most vulnerable, our precious children. Now and always, young people deserve the loving embrace of family members who guide them toward this truth rather than be subjected to risky, often irreversible, and life-altering experimentation and drugs. These approaches are dangerous, as they block healthy puberty, alter hormonal balance, and remove healthy organs and body parts. No one has the right to harm children, and, thankfully, states have the power—and duty—to protect them. Now, we urge the Ohio Senate to act and join over 20 other states and several European countries in fighting for truth and curtailing the deployment of harmful surgeries and drugs that are devastating countless lives.”

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Christiana Kiefer:

“Women and girls deserve a fair and level playing field. Yet when males are allowed to enter the women’s sports arena, they have clear biological advantages that result in female athletes losing medals, podium spots, public recognition, and opportunities to compete. And no young woman should be forced to share a locker room with a male. By ignoring science and common sense, girls and women become the victims. Sadly, activists have rejected reality and chosen ideology over what’s just for women and girls. We applaud the Ohio House of Representatives for overriding the governor’s veto of the SAFE Act; now we urge the Senate to follow suit, enact the Save Women’s Sports Act, and join the growing number of states protecting female athletes. These critical protections ensure that fair athletic competition is preserved. Women and girls must be able to compete in confidence, free of facing unfair biological advantages.”

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