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Pro-life pregnancy centers exist to give hope and help to women and their unborn children. But the government, at the encouragement of abortion groups, threatened to silence these pro-life voices. And if the government has the power to tell these pro-life centers that they must advertise government-funded abortions, where will it stop?

Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that the government must respect religious beliefs about important issues like marriage and abortion. This is a victory for all of us!

But there are still more cases ongoing that deal with this same issue. We must continue to stand with those who are being punished for living and working consistently with their faith.

With your continued support, we will be ready to stand with the next person who needs our help to defend their freedom — and yours.

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Pro-life pregnancy centers must be free to carry out their pro-life missions and continue to serve their communities without becoming forced mouthpieces for government-funded abortions.

This Supreme Court victory in the NIFLA case protects freedom of speech—not just for these pregnancy centers, but for anyone who would be forced by the government to speak a message that contradicts their sincerely held beliefs.

We must use this important legal precedent to our advantage and continue to fight back when the government oversteps its authority.

Thanks to your continued support, we can defend those who are being punished for living and working consistently with their deeply held beliefs.

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