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The Beauty of Marriage

Marriage is being threatened, and it’s not just same-sex marriage that is altering the proper understanding of what marriage is. There are many factors that have created this problem, and the solution is creating a culture that understands and endorses the beauty of marriage.

After the wedding dress is dry-cleaned and put away, married couples face the hard reality of combining two imperfect people into a lifelong relationship. When our imperfections collide, sometimes “happily ever after” feels like an unreachable fairytale. But the stories gathered on this page capture the beauty of marriage and remind us how God uses marriage to shape our character and give us a picture of His faithful love for us.

Representing Christ's relationship to the church, the union of the diverse sexes, and the creation and protection of children...

Marriage is not a story. It is the story

We've heard from nearly 55,000 of you affirming that marriage matters. Over 15,000 shared stories and advice with many couples sharing wisdom from 40+ years of marriage! Marriage is beautiful, and it benefits society in ways no other relationship can. So show your photo, tell your story, and share your advice!

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