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Your gift today can have up to four times the impact thanks to Network Attorneys!

Across America and around the world, there are people of faith like you who are facing punishment because of what they believe.

  • The bishop in Finland who is standing trial for “hate speech” and facing fines for publishing a pamphlet promoting biblical views on marriage and sexuality.
  • The two Bulgarian pastors who are standing up against a scaremongering attempt by the local government to label Protestant Christians in the city as extremists and warn children against them at school.
  • The pastor in Canada who was arrested and jailed in November 2020 for holding worship services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Make up to 4X Impact

These people—and others like them—desperately need help to defend their religious freedom. And thanks to the generosity of Ministry Friends like you, and the help of ADF Network Attorneys, they are getting their day in court.

When people like you support the ADF Grants and Funding program, you make it possible to come alongside more than 4,600 ADF Network Attorneys who can litigate these important cases to victory. This program provides the funding and strategic support necessary for these attorneys to go toe-to-toe with those trying to deny your God-given freedoms.

Here in the U.S., the Biden administration is restricting your religious freedom, silencing free speech, and violating the sanctity of human life. Around the world, more and more Christians are being persecuted by governments hostile to their faith.

We expect grant requests will only continue to increase!

That’s why your help is needed. We must expand the Grants and Funding program to meet the growing threats to your most cherished liberties.

In recent years, for every dollar in grants given to ADF Network Attorneys, they’ve donated an average of four times that in their own time and resources. That means every dollar you give toward the Grants and Funding program today can have up to four times the impact!


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U.S. Supreme Court victories aided by ADF grants

What is an ADF Allied Attorney?

At some point in their career, almost every lawyer comes across a client whose case moves them deeply. A case that they simply can’t turn away. A client that they must help.

But, litigation is expensive. And it takes expertise. That’s where the ADF Allied Attorney network and the ADF Grants and Funding program come in.

The ADF attorney network boasts more than 4,600 attorneys worldwide who we mobilize to use their God-given legal skills to advocate for and protect the right of people to freely and peacefully live out their faith.

(If you want to become an Allied Attorney, please click here to apply.)

When Allied Attorneys come across that once-in-a-lifetime case, they can turn to the ADF Grants and Funding program for financial resources and strategic support.

Time and time again we’re told by Allied Attorneys, “If not for the money from the grant ADF provided, I don’t know if I would have been able to fight this case to the end.”

And it’s people like you that make those case-saving grants possible.

Remember, every $1 you give can have up to four times the impact! Your gift of $50 can have the impact of $200. Your gift of $100 can have the impact of $400!


Funding grants helps defend the persecuted

The world is growing more hostile to freedom—particularly religious freedom. And that means it’s becoming more and more dangerous to be a Christian.

The Grants and Funding program allows ADF to defend the persecuted even when we don’t have a presence on the ground. People like you have helped fund hundreds of international cases spanning nearly every continent.

The lawyers you help fund often work closely with ADF attorneys. And in the last year alone, they’ve won dozens and dozens of victories on behalf of those targeted and attacked for their faith.

When you give to help fund grants today, you will help:

  • Open churches.
  • Challenge unjust laws.
  • Allow Christian families to homeschool.
  • Hold perpetrators accountable.
  • And free those imprisoned for their faith.

And here’s the thing, outside of North America and Europe, a little can go a long way. Every gift matters.

Because of the donated time and service of our allies, whatever you give today can make up to FOUR times the impact for the persecuted!


Your tax-deductible gift can have four times the impact!

ADF Network Attorneys are passionate about defending religious freedom. But imagine how powerless many of them would be without your help.

We never want to be in the position where we have to turn down a grant request because we don’t have the funds. And we cannot afford to see religious freedom suffer due to the high cost of litigation.

But God willing, your tax-deductible gift today will help empower ADF Network Attorneys to stand and win for freedom!

Because of you, when these attorneys find desperate clients on their doorsteps looking for help, they can request funds and strategic support from the ADF Grants and Funding program.

So please consider giving the very best gift you can today. With God’s blessing (John 15:5), and your faithful prayers and support, we can stand for freedom—and WIN.

Will you help defend religious freedom in high-stakes legal battles across the nation with your tax-deductible gift today?

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