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New Case Defends Law Taking on Dangerous Medical “Care” for Children in Alabama

Radical gender activism continues to make alarming inroads into mainstream medicine.

While the medical field exists to promote health and human flourishing, far too many no longer adhere to the concept of “do no harm.”

Instead, they promote harmful “gender affirming care,” which denies biological reality, and they push harmful cross-sex hormones and dangerous surgeries which permanently alter children’s bodies.

Children cannot consent to drugs and surgeries that catastrophically and permanently harm their bodies.

Alabama wants to protect minors from destructive and unnecessary medical procedures being pushed by politicized medical associations and interest groups, and Alliance Defending Freedom is standing with Alabama officials.

They are right to stop the injection of political agendas into our healthcare system.

Will you stand with them and make your best gift today? Your support of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more will help us defend Alabama and other states ready to stand up and protect children.

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