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An Alaska Attorney Brings in a Huge Return on His ADF Investment

Here is what the Alliance Defense Fund calls “gratitude.”

In exchange for their all-expense-paid classes at the ministry’s National Litigation Academy, lawyers who attend are asked to provide 450 dedicated pro bono hours on matters related to ADF issues.

NLA-trained attorney Kevin Clarkson of Alaska has already given back five times that much, in legal services worth nearly $1.5 million.

Little wonder ADF is honoring Clarkson this summer with a distinguished service award for his legal efforts on behalf of the Body of Christ. 

“Kevin is a great example of what we want to encourage from our NLA-trained attorneys,” says Glen Lavy, ADF Senior Counsel and Senior Vice President for Allied Coordination.  “Without the dedication and hard work of allies like him all over the country, ADF could not be making such a decisive impact for religious liberty, sanctity of life, and family values.”

“Kevin’s life incorporates an extraordinary combination of top-notch legal skills with a burning desire to serve God in his practice,” says Joe Infranco, ADF Senior Counsel. “He has emerged as one of the leading luminaries in the fight for religious freedom in Alaska.”

In fact, Clarkson’s once-remote state has become a flashpoint for crucial cases involving most of the ADF core issues – including same-sex “marriage,” physician-assisted suicides, state-funded abortion services, and parental-consent statutes .

“I’m more involved in this work than I’d ever have dreamed,” he says, because “I’ve come to realize that these issues are very important.  There are forces out there determined to inflict their agenda on America through the courts.  It’s essential that we be there to defend our beliefs – because if we don’t show up, we’re going to lose by default. 

“The law advances and changes over time,” Clarkson says. “Every time I go to an NLA, I learn something.  And the contacts you make … these are high-quality folks.  There’s always someone I can call if I have a question – not just about law, but about life, when I need support and prayer.  ADF has given me that, too.”

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