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Defending the rights of business professionals to live their faith in the workplace.

America has a rich history of business leaders running their companies consistently with their beliefs. And while the First Amendment protects your right to live and work according to your faith, our culture is changing. 

Do you know what would happen if your business was sued for operating according to biblical principles? What employment policies do you have in place to bolster religious freedom? Does the changing culture concern you or your staff? 

ADF Corporate Affairs exists to help you answer these questions and more.

ADF Corporate Affairs What We Do

What We Do

ADF Corporate Affairs educates, equips, and engages business professionals and leaders to safeguard the freedom of all people to live their faith in the workplace.

ADF Corporate Affairs Our Values

Our Values

  • Christ-Centered: Without Christ we can do nothing. - John 15:5
  • Authenticity: A person should be able to freely and openly live their faith in the workplace. We will lead by example.
  • Clarity: We provide resources that clearly and concisely explain rights or best practices for religious freedom in the workplace.
  • Servant Leadership: With Jesus Christ as our example, we will serve businesses with excellence.
  • Collaboration: We value working closely with our ADF teams, as well as our allied partners and organizations - strengthening their organizations and empowering them to promote religious liberty in the workplace.

Get Your Free Copy of Faith In The Workplace

Your faith makes you who you are - it impacts everything about the way you live your life, including the way you run your business. While some business owners are cheered and commended when they blend certain beliefs and work, that isn't always the case for Christian business owners. Now more than ever, you need to know that, as a Christian business owner, you don't have to abandon your religious freedom in the workplace.

With recent significant cultural and legal changes in our society, we've created a legal guide to help you navigate potential challenges to your business. This free resource is for you.

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