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Supreme Court of the United States

Sherman v. Koch

Last Updated: 6/2/2020



The court’s decision reverses a federal district judge’s decision to strike down the law as unconstitutional in an atheist’s 2007 lawsuit against the Township High School District. In October 2009, the Alliance Defending Freedom and allied attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the 7th Circuit on behalf of the Illinois Family Institute in support of the law, the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act.


Legal Documents

{"docs": [{"Court": "AppellateCourt", "Title": "7th Circuit opinion", "FileName": "", "Date": "10/31/2017 8:53:37 PM"}, {"Court": "AppellateCourt", "Title": "7th Circuit amicus brief", "FileName": "", "Date": "10/31/2017 8:53:37 PM"}]}


David A. Cortman

Senior Counsel, Vice President of U.S. Litigation

David A. Cortman serves as senior counsel and vice president of U.S. litigation with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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