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She Was on Her Way to Planned Parenthood, When She Saw the Sign

February 19, 2018

By: Emily Conley



Nineteen-year-old Maggie only saw rejection and judgment ahead if she told her Christian friends and family that she was pregnant. She didn’t think she could have a baby. But on the way to her appointment at Planned Parenthood, the signs from a local pro-life pregnancy center advertising free pregnancy tests caught her eye.



“I didn’t want to go to Planned Parenthood,” she remembers. “I didn’t want it to feel all surgical and sterile and cold.”

She canceled her appointment and walked into Pregnancy Care Clinic in El Cajon, California.

Instead of judgment, Maggie found all the support, encouragement, and help she needed to choose life for her baby.

“To know that I would have support and people helping me through it, no matter how my family responded, and that was really key,” Maggie says. “Knowing that even if my worst fears came true and my parents kicked me out and my grandparents and brothers and cousins all hated me, that I would still have people to turn to that would love me and love my baby and help me.”

As it turned out, her family enveloped her with love and support. Today, married and with a happy, healthy ten-month old, she’s amazed at the difference one year makes.

But if California lawmakers had their way, Maggie would have also seen a very different sign that day.

In 2015, California passed a law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to post large signs promoting abortions – crowding out their pro-life message. Alliance Defending Freedom is challenging California’s law on behalf of these pro-life pregnancy centers. And on March 20, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear their case. Find out how ADF got involved, and read more about the journey to the Supreme Court in the latest issue of Faith & Justice magazine.

In this issue, you’ll also read …

  • What Lila Rose of Live Action sees next for the pro-life movement
  • How a pro-life college student stood up to a professor’s harassment
  • What it was like at the Supreme Court during the arguments for Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop
  • How you can answer “Is pro-life really pro-women?” with insight from Kristan Hawkins, Abby Johnson, Penny Nance, and many more powerhouse pro-life women.

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Alliance Defending Freedom

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