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Supreme Court of the United States

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Sanctity of Life

Four Things We Can Still Do Now for Pro-Life Healthcare Providers

A federal court dismissed an ACLU lawsuit that was trying to force Trinity Health, a Catholic hospital system, and its staff to commit abortions.

Abortion Advocates Fail to See the Big Picture When it Comes to Fetal Pain

When you read the words "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act," what pops into your head?

3 Revealing Quotes from the Government’s Arguments in the HHS Mandate Case

Force people to violate their consciences or have women carry two insurance cards – these were the “tough” choices the Supreme Court debated at the oral arguments last week.

Freedom Matters Podcast: From the US Supreme Court

Matt Bowman, Kerri Kupec, and Bob Trent discuss Zubik v. Burwell oral arguments and the rally outside the Supreme Court.

In Pictures: Students and Nuns Form United Front at the Supreme Court

It's not every day that the area in front of the steps of the United States Supreme Court is filled with students and nuns (with the occasional priest to round things out).

What the Government Hasn’t Proved About the HHS Mandate

Zubik isn’t just Conestoga/Hobby Lobby round two. It confronts the government’s deeply troubling assertion of power over seriously religious organizations.

New Issue! Read Latest Issue of FAITH & JUSTICE Online Now

In this issue: the courageous story of Blaine Adamson, a printer punished for holding to his faith, who learns the growing price of doing business as a Christian