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Sanctity of Life

Biden’s New HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Has Record of Violating Free Speech

When the government devalues conscience rights—as Xavier Becerra has done—we all lose.

Why the “Equality Act” Is Bad News for Unborn Babies and Those Who Defend Them

Passing this legislation will have far-reaching—and deadly—implications, which is why the abortion industry has taken such an interest.

ADF Friend-of-the-Court Brief Aims to Help Tennessee Defend Life

ADF has submitted an amicus brief in support of Tennessee’s efforts to defend the most vulnerable of lives.

This Study Reveals the Disturbing Truth About Chemical Abortions

Chemical abortions are marketed as an easy, convenient way to have an abortion. But a recent study highlights the devastating effects they can have on women.

Planned Parenthood Has a Friend in the White House

Planned Parenthood knows it has friends in the White House in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The Pro-Life Movement’s Unlikely Heroes

I march for life because of someone else who I will never meet—my grandad, who passed away seven years before I was born.

This Biden Executive Order Funds International Pro-Abortion Groups with Taxpayer Money

The Biden administration believes that unborn lives are disposable and that they should be disposed of with taxpayer dollars—even outside of the United States.