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Ohio’s Choice: Re-direct Planned Parenthood’s Funds to More Worthy Healthcare Providers

October 17, 2017

By Casey Mattox and Thomas O'Ban

Yesterday, Ohio became the tenth state since July to cut Planned Parenthood's taxpayer subsidies. Governor Kasich signed a bill redirecting millions in federal healthcare grants to facilities that prioritize primary and preventive healthcare care for women while on the campaign trail in South Carolina, and Gov. Walker of Wisconsin signed two similar bills earlier in the week.

But aren’t these states late to the party?  Didn’t President Obama’s veto and the Houston grand jury’s preposterous ‘exoneration’ of Planned Parenthood last month punctuate pro-aborts’ call for an end to the beatings the abortion giant has been taking at the state and federal level?

Since the Center for Medical Progress released videos last spring showing high-level Planned Parenthood officials callously bartering over baby body parts, Planned Parenthood has reported a decrease in patients and a drop in private donations, and has seen its compelled partnership with the American taxpayers jeopardized by Congress and nine different states.

But the Ohio and Wisconsin state legislatures’ vote to redirect millions to primary and preventive healthcare facilities proves some bad news for Planned Parenthood: the President’s veto and the Houston grand jury’s vote doesn’t cover over the ever-growing list of reasons to redirect funding from the abortion giant.

Alliance Defending Freedom has compiled a long list of Planned Parenthood’s waste, abuse, and violations of laws and regulations uncovered by state and federal investigations, including:

  • Illegal dumping of aborted fetuses in Ohio and South Carolina landfills
  • Failure to report suspected sexual abuse of minor patients in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Ohio
  • Performing illegal abortions in Florida and Kentucky
  • Millions in Medicaid over-billing in all nine of the states where Planned Parenthood has been audited by state and federal auditors

Add this to what we already know – Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms as they and politicians misleadingly suggest, and nearly the only service for women that hasn’t decreased over the past decade is, well, abortion, where Planned Parenthood is now the market leader.

Word is getting out that federally-funded healthcare facilities actually prioritize primary and preventive care for women and outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities nearly 20 -1 (Visit to find one near you). And these locations provide not just the few services Planned Parenthood has turned into major profits, but many more services than Planned Parenthood, while also accepting Medicaid patients and additional need-based aid Planned Parenthood can't offer.

All of this makes the choice of Ohio and Wisconsin to redirect government healthcare funding to more worthy healthcare providers obvious. And these states look less like stragglers arriving late to a party, and more like the next dominos to fall.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom

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