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Supreme Court of the United States

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The Weekly Digest: 5-18-16

The Weekly Digest summarizes news stories from the previous week.

Freedom Matters Podcast: Forgotten Victims in The Bathroom Privacy Battle

This week on Freedom Matters, Kaeley Triller, a sex abuse survivor, joins Bob, Kerri, and Matt to share her story and talk about the unintended victims of new bathroom and locker room policies.

US Supreme Court Vacates Ruling Against Christian Colleges and Sends Abortion-Pill Mandate Cases Back to the Lower Courts

Today, the United States Supreme Court unanimously decided to vacate the ruling against seven consolidated abortion-pill mandate cases and send them back to their respective lower Courts of Appeals for further proceedings.

3 Reasons North Carolina Is Right to Protect the Privacy and Safety of its Citizens

On Tuesday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) also filed a lawsuit against the DOJ and the Department of Education (DOE) on behalf of a group of parents and students in North Carolina.

10 Months After Obergefell, It’s Time to Evaluate “Live and Let Live” Promises

Christians and defenders of religious freedom were told that same-sex marriage was really about “live and let live.

Beautiful Things Come From God: Meet Brush & Nib Studio

When Joanna Duka began planning her new calligraphy business in 2014, she was unsure of its future.

The Unintended Victims of Bathroom Bills and Open Locker Room Policies

The unintended victims of such misguided policies are being forced to speak up and share their experiences in hopes of educating society on the consequences of such laws.