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Have We Lost Our Wonder?

By Sarah Kramer posted on:
October 17, 2017

Thousands of gray blocks stood still and somber as far as I could see.

As I stood in the midst of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, Germany, I could feel the weightiness of what took place. I couldn’t help but grieve over so many lives destroyed.

The Nazi regime had lost sight of the wonder and beauty of human life, and the unending rows of concrete blocks around me represented the consequences of that loss.

The absence of wonder can have disastrous consequences.

I’m reminded of Moses, Pharaoh, and the 10 plagues.

Water turning into blood. Locusts and flies covering everything. Complete and utter darkness. These plagues were great and powerful, and they demanded wonder, and that wonder demanded an action – praise to the God who orchestrated them.

But the wonder of the plagues did not sway Pharaoh. The Bible says God hardened Pharaoh’s heart against these signs (Exodus 11:10), which ultimately caused Pharaoh to lose his first-born son. 

How often do we as a culture harden our hearts and fail to marvel at things that deserve awe and point us to God? When we lose sight of the wonder of God’s creation and His gifts, we lose sight of the Truth.

This week, many of us at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will be attending the Catalyst Conference in Cincinnati. The theme of the conference is “Awaken the Wonder.” It seems that so many of the challenges we face at ADF, at their heart, are in part because we have lost our wonder in God’s design.

The wonder of new life. An unborn baby in the womb is an amazing miracle. But somehow, culture has lost its wonder in this phenomenon. It calls the baby “just a fetus,” “a clump of cells,” or “a mass of tissue.” Like Pharaoh and the Egyptians, hardened hearts prevent someone from truly seeing God at work – a new life being brought into the world, fearfully and wonderfully made.

The wonder of complementarity. God created man and woman for a purpose, to be different and yet complementary – “male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). But instead of celebrating those differences, our culture pushes for a society in which those differences do not exist. The union of a man and woman provides a distinct picture of the relationship between Christ and the church, with self-sacrificing leadership on the man’s part and intelligent submission on the woman’s part. That union alone is the foundation of a family, providing an irreplaceable environment for children to learn and grow, benefiting from the individual gifts of their mother and father.

The wonder of individual gifts. God has uniquely gifted each of us to serve different purposes, for His glory. And yet, Christians are increasingly asked to forsake their beliefs in the workplace by promoting ideas and events that go against their faith. If we acknowledge and marvel at the individual gifts God has given us, we cannot use those God-given gifts in a way that would dishonor Him.

In a culture that has lost sight of God’s wonder, ADF exists to defend your right to freely live out your faith – to pursue the wonderful. That’s why we are attending the Catalyst Conference this week – to partner with those at the conference in awakening wonder in our culture and to make sure their right to do so is not threatened.

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As Christians, we must continue to marvel at God’s creation and His gifts, honoring Him in all we do. That’s why ADF has created several resources to help you navigate today’s culture so you can continue to live a life in service to Him.

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Employer’s Guide:  A resource for Christian business owners

Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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