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Day of Dialogue: April 10th

By Lorné McCutcheon posted on:
October 17, 2017

Being in college is so much fun! You have more freedom, while still not fully in the real world yet. It’s a time of growth and adventures with new friends. At the same time, I miss some of the fun high school events.

For instance, prom. Every year during this time, malls are full of prom dresses, shoes, jewelry, and advertisements. Then on social media, you see your younger friends posting pictures of their dates, how they were asked to prom, and the hundreds of photos post-prom. As a girl, of course I loved prom! It was an excuse to have fun dressing up like a princess for a night with my friends. Some universities try to hold formals in place of prom, but they just aren’t the same.

One event that college students and high school students all get to participate in is the annual Day of Dialogue on April 10, 2014. This is an event held every year in April and is sponsored by Focus on the Family. They encourage every student to start a dialogue about truth and Christ’s great love for us with their fellow classmates. I am extremely excited for this year because they are specifically encouraging dialogue on sexuality and relationships. This is because of the past year’s legal battles and changing social climates toward same-sex marriage. It’s a great opportunity to learn what your classmates think about the topic.

Along with same-sex marriage and sexuality, they encourage conversations about God’s truth and love, bullying, and censorship. These are often such heated topics and can be intimidating to bring up, but Focus on the Family has made it easier to start these conversations on your campus. On the Day of Dialogue website, you can find all types of downloadable resources and different ideas of how to get classmates talking and involved. They provide conversation cards, social media images, wristbands, t-shirt designs, and tons of other things free of charge.

Don’t wait! Begin preparing for Day of Dialogue now.

Have you ever participated in the Day of Dialogue? What was your experience? Share it with us in the comments below.

Lorné McCutcheon

Lorné McCutcheon

Contributing Writer

Lorné is passionately pro-life and enjoys her creative and always changing work.

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