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Supreme Court of the United States

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We Don’t Need to “Change America”—We Need to Protect Our Fundamental Freedoms

We don't need to “change America” by redefining our founding principles and restricting our most cherished liberties. Quite the opposite.

How Free Speech Makes Us Better

America’s great tradition of free expression allows us to defend our beliefs, learn from others, and seek truth without fear of punishment. Unfortunately, this freedom is now taken for granted.

In the Midst of Election Uncertainty, Challenges to Your Freedom Continue

The challenges to religious liberty, free speech, the sanctity of life, and freedom of conscience are not on hold. They will continue no matter who is ultimately declared the winner of the election.

WATCH: Why We Can Be Proud of America’s Founding

There is a growing movement that believes America was born in shame and must be torn asunder. But this movement neglects a major aspect of America’s founding.

Young People Who Identify as Transgender Are Making Irreversible Decisions

As with any decision you make when you’re young, you might change your mind. What happens then?

The Law Protects Unpopular Speech

Americans are wrestling with cancel culture, which seeks to silence sincere views by mislabeling them as “offensive.” We must stand against it.

To Curb Self-Censorship, We Must Realize How Much We All Dislike It

All across America, in every sector of society, cancel culture is being felt by people from all walks of life.