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7 Legal Victories You Made Possible in 2020

Without your prayers and support, several of 2020’s key legal victories wouldn’t have been possible.

Check Out 5 of Our Most-Read Blog Posts of 2020

As we reflect on the past year, here’s a look at the five most-read ADF blog posts of 2020.

How Hate Speech Laws Threaten Freedom

Are laws against hate speech benefitting other countries? Let’s take a look.

More Teenage Girls Are Identifying as Trans, But the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About It

This is a story told in two news items: one you probably heard about and another you may not have seen.

Why the Georgia Senate Run-Off Election Should Matter to Us All

Make no mistake, this election doesn’t only affect Georgia voters. It will impact us all.

Why Young Writers Should Attend the ADF Journalism Academy

The ADF Journalism Academy taught me skills that I will probably use for the rest of my career.