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3 Questions with Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life

October 17, 2017

By: Bob Trent

As we approach the March for Life, we were privileged to sit down with March for Life President Jeanne Mancini.




Why did you get involved with March for Life?



I have had friends who have made the wrong choices with abortion, and they have suffered terribly. And I have had so many a conversation with a friend in tears profoundly regretting her choices. And years later talking about how everyday she thinks about it.

That certainly impacted my viewpoint on all of it because abortion is not good for women, it takes the life of a baby, but it wounds a mom. And even though there is always hope in healing, it’s very hard on the mother and the father.


What is trending now in the pro-life movement?


What we have seen since the early ‘90s is both a decrease in abortion and more and more people becoming pro-life, and that could be attributed to a lot of things. I think in large part people’s experience with abortion is very negative. Physiologically, psychologically women are hurt by abortion. It is not a positive. They share these experiences with others.

The other thing is that we have had a lot of advances in science and technology. We now have a window into the womb in terms of beautiful ultrasound machines that show a heart beating at such an early stage; you can hear the heart beating. We know so much about fetal pain and all of these things, so all of these advances in science and technology are really on the side of life.


Why is abortion so harmful to women?


Imagine a woman, who by her very anthropology, she is different from a man because of her capacity to be a mom. The most anti-woman, the most profoundly anti-woman thing that someone could do would be to take the life that is growing within you, that healthy life, and to snuff it out. That has such a deep and lasting impact on the woman, on the family, on everyone.   

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