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100 Days of the Biden Administration: How Its Agenda Threatens Your Freedoms

By Caroline Roberts posted on:
April 29, 2021

When Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, he promised to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution to the best of his ability.

Now, President Biden has been in office for 100 days. And already, the Biden administration has proven that it is more concerned about advancing a radical ideological agenda rather than upholding our constitutional freedoms.

Our fundamental freedoms are now on the line. That’s why it’s crucial that we all understand the administration’s goals, and how we can stand up to preserve our God-given freedoms.

How Your Freedoms Are Under Threat

President Biden and his administration haven’t wasted any time advancing policies that endanger women’s rights, religious freedom, and free speech. On top of that, the administration has shown repeatedly that it’s committed to embracing a gender ideology that erases distinctions between the sexes.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been responding to the administration’s actions, taking a number of legal actions against its agenda. And we will continue to hold the Biden administration accountable to the Constitution.

Here’s just a glimpse of what the Biden administration has been up to—and how ADF has been working to restore our freedoms:

1. Pushing policies that restrict religious liberty and free speech

The administration has already halted a rule that protected the ability of faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to place children in homes with only a married mother and father. The administration is also backing the Equality Act, a radical bill which would penalize any American who dissents from far-left orthodoxy on marriage, gender, and sexuality.

This is why ADF is standing ready to protect your conscience rights and the rights of every American. And we have a proven track record. When a New York government office threatened to shut down the faith-based adoption agency New Hope Family Services due to their faith-based commitment to place children only in a home with a married mother and father, ADF defended the Christian agency. Thankfully we obtained an important decision from the Court of Appeals and a preliminary injunction that allows New Hope to continue serving families and children consistent with New Hope’s religious convictions while the lawsuit moves forward.

ADF is also representing two churches, three Christian schools, and a pregnancy center who are challenging a Virginia law that compels them to hire employees who do not share their religious beliefs about marriage, gender, and sexuality. All religious organizations have the right to set their own policies regarding conduct about life, marriage, and sexuality.

2. Breaking down protections for life and those who defend it

Within his first 10 days in office, President Biden took action to give American tax dollars to foreign organizations that promote abortion abroad, and to Planned Parenthood, even though they perform and refer for abortions.

President Biden has also promised to remove religious exemptions from the “HHS mandate” and would force employers to pay for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance plans—even if this violates employers’ religious beliefs. But ADF won’t sit back and let this happen. ADF has asked the Supreme Court to let it intervene to defend President Trump’s Title X rules separating abortion from family planning after the Biden administration abandoned its defense of the rule.

In 2017, when the Trump administration took action to protect religious and pro-life organizations from being forced to pay for contraception and abortifacients in violation of their beliefs, the State of California challenged these protections—so ADF intervened on behalf of pro-life organizations, and the Supreme Court upheld these protections in 2020. ADF continues to fight for these pro-life conscience protections.

3. Jeopardizing the privacy and dignity of women and girls

On his first day in office, President Biden signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to reinterpret “sex” in Title IX and other statutes to include gender identity. This would allow males who identify as female to compete in women’s sports, destroying any notion of a level playing field. This order also means that males who identify as females will have access to women’s private spaces, including locker rooms and even women-only shelters.

We already sued President Biden on behalf of the College of the Ozarks, challenging his executive order and an agency directive that would force religious colleges and universities to violate their beliefs by opening their dorms to members of the opposite sex, including dorm rooms and shared shower spaces. And ADF continues to litigate a case to preserve a level playing field for girls in Connecticut who have been competing against biological men due to a state athletic association policy. Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti have lost honors and opportunities to compete in front of college scouts as a result of the backwards policy.

You Can Take a Stand for Freedom

The Biden-Harris administration has made it obvious that its priority is not protecting the freedoms of all Americans but rather advancing an agenda of far-left ideology.

If we want the blessings of freedom to be preserved and passed on to future generations, it’s crucial that we take a stand to halt the administration’s actions.

Will you stand with us?

Every generation faces a unique moment when it is called on to protect our God-given rights and the guarantee of liberty enshrined in our Constitution. This is our moment. This is your moment. Today, you can help defend the American promises of life and liberty.

If you believe these American promises are worth defending, please sign the statement.

  • I stand for America’s founding principles: that all men are created equal with inalienable, God-given rights.
  • I stand against any unlawful effort by the Biden administration to restrict my constitutional liberties.
  • I stand for freedom and will join Alliance Defending Freedom to preserve free speech, religious freedom, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and marriage and family.

Caroline Roberts, Strategic Communications Writer

Caroline Roberts

Strategic Communications Writer

Caroline Roberts serves as a Strategic Communications Writer at Alliance Defending Freedom.

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