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Ministry Alliance

Is your ministry ready for a changing culture?

  • Do you know how your ministry’s religious freedom is being impacted
  • Do new sexual orientation and gender identity laws present challenges to your ministry?
  • Do you need experienced First Amendment advice and counsel to guide you?
  • Does the changing culture concern you or your staff?
  • What would happen if your ministry were sued for ministering according to biblical principles?
  • What employment policies do you have in place to bolster your ministry’s religious freedom protections?

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A religious liberty legal membership that helps prepare and protect your ministry to the greatest extent possible

The culture is changing. Changes in culture are leading to changes in the law, and those changes may affect your ministry.

Ministries face an increasingly challenging legal culture that threatens your ability to serve and to carry out your mission. Today, it isn’t a matter of if ministries will be sued for simply living out their faith – the question is when and where such lawsuits will arise.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been on the forefront of legal issues impacting the religious freedom of businesses, churches, nonprofits and individuals for over 25 years.

We at Alliance Defending Freedom created the ADF Ministry Alliance membership program so you can get religious liberty legal advice and counsel from experienced First Amendment attorneys. We prepare, advise, and even represent ministries because we desire to see your mission flourish.

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ADF Ministry Alliance is for ministries like yours

Governing Document Review

Send your ministry bylaws, policies, employment documents, and more to ADF attorneys. We review them and help you implement proactive religious freedom protections. That way, you have thorough documents that can serve as positive evidence of your beliefs in the courtroom if needed.

Access to Attorneys

Get direct answers from our attorneys when you have legal questions about your ministry’s religious liberty. This access guides you through your legal options, so that you can have peace of mind when confronting religious liberty legal issues and even media inquiries.

Representation & Advocacy

If the religious freedom of your ministry is challenged, we will represent it in court if necessary and appropriate. Not only does membership provide advocacy for your ministry if needed, but it also ensures other ministries have access to representation. You can be part of helping to build a strong religious liberty alliance by joining ADF Ministry Alliance today.

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