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Abortion Harms Women and Destroys Life

In 2022, the pro-life movement achieved what was thought impossible by many: the overturning of Roe v. Wade. But there’s more work to be done. The Dobbs ruling returned the decision of how to regulate abortion to the states. ADF will continue to promote and defend life-affirming laws and build a culture that recognizes that life is a human right and that women and their unborn children must be supported across the country.



Babies Deserve a Chance at Life

The abortion industry has been profiting from the deaths of infants for decades. All, including children in the womb, deserve human dignity.

Women Deserve Better than Abortion

Women deserve better options than taking their child’s life and suffering from the devastating physical, psychological, and emotional consequences.


What We're Doing About It

Holding Planned Parenthood

ADF has litigated dozens of cases against Planned Parenthood—several implicating Planned Parenthood affiliates for millions in taxpayer fraud. 


Protecting Women’s Health

We’re working to ensure that pregnant mothers have the right to know the truth about abortion and that abortionists follow basic health and safety laws.



Defending Those Who
Defend Life

We’re litigating several cases and working with state legislatures to protect the rights of healthcare workers and pro-life advocates.



Make a Difference!

Sidewalk Counselors

Alliance Defending Freedom created this manual to educate you about your legal rights when engaging in sidewalk counseling. We pray this resource will help you be better equipped to serve the women and men entering abortion clinics every day.

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