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Defend Your Freedoms

Who We Are

We've Defended Your Freedom Since 1994

In 1993, 35 Christian leaders came together to build a ministry that would defend your religious freedom—before it was too late.

These founders knew that it would take an alliance to keep the doors open for the Gospel in the United States.

Like the Body of Christ, the alliance is one body made up of many parts. Attorneys play different roles than pastors. Business leaders play different roles than legislators. Each person must play his or her particular role, under one shared vision, to ensure that religious freedom thrives.

For more than 25 years, ADF has been advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, and marriage and family.

Keys to Success

Securing Generational Wins that Change the Law and Culture

Here at Alliance Defending Freedom, we often talk about securing “Generational Wins” through our work in the courtroom and in the culture.

But what is a Generational Win? And why is it important?

A Generational Win achieves a significant victory changing the law and culture of the nation for a generation, and is sustained by deliberate action so that the victory endures for generations to come.

ADF is working to achieve these types of victories in five different areas. With God’s blessing (John 15:5) and the prayers and support of people like you, we can restore a culture in which:

  • 1. Life is safeguarded.
  • 2. Religious freedom prevails.
  • 3. All can speak freely.
  • 4. Marriage and family are protected.
  • 5. Parental rights are guaranteed.

Building an Alliance for Victory

Decades ago, the legal and cultural threats to religious liberty began multiplying. And for many years, very few Christians were showing up to defend your God-given and constitutionally protected freedoms in court. As a result, those seeking to restrict your right to freely live out your faith were often successful in their efforts.

By funding cases, training attorneys, and successfully advocating for freedom in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion, Alliance Defending Freedom changed that.


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We're Here to Win

When Alan Sears was approached to lead ADF, he wanted to make sure of one thing: Alliance Defending Freedom would be committed to winning. And within only a few short weeks of its launch, ADF was funding a case at the U.S. Supreme Court and captured the first victory of many for religious freedom. True to this commitment . . . 

Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to victory.


Winning nearly 80% of all cases.


Playing a role in 60 victories at the United States Supreme Court.


Advocating in hundreds of international legal matters affecting religious freedom.

Freedom's Future

Across the United States, Christians are being punished for living by their convictions. As current or former clients of Alliance Defending Freedom, the individuals in this video have experienced this firsthand. Join us as we defend these clients and protect their freedom to live consistent with their faith.

A History of Success

Alliance Defending Freedom was created to win, and our success has affirmed religious freedom around the world. We've also trained thousands of attorneys and students who are making an impact.

Take a look at our most significant accomplishments:​

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